In the heart of the Surat Basin miles from anywhere the small township of MILES provides for travellers, miners, and farmers a welcome relief from the Warrego Highway.

This Nocturne commission took place in Miles in early December 2014. The project engaged with a range of local photographers from Meandarra to The Gums, Condamine and Dulacca.

After attending a workshop at Dogwood Crossing on Sunday November 30 the photographers were set daily projects which they forwarded in to the Nocturne Facebook page for distribution. One project was undertaken at the Miles Historic Village where participating photographers worked in the evening light using techniques such as ‘painting with light’ and projections.

On Sunday December 6 the photographers regrouped at Dogwood Crossing and laser printed their grouped photos on a high quality colour laser printer and made Zines.

To see the project activities and many photographs and zines visit the Nocturne Facebook Page…

We also ask visitors to the site to comment on the photographs and share stories that they may have about the places photographed.

© 2013 Victoria Cooper+Doug Spowart © 2013 Victoria Cooper+Doug Spowart © 2013 Victoria Cooper+Doug Spowart © 2013 Victoria Cooper+Doug Spowart


All photographs © Victoria Cooper+Doug Spowart


3 thoughts on “Nocturne: MILES

  1. I have never known anyone to make such a humble little building look so grand. Congratulations Vicki & Doug

  2. You visited Dalby Qld on the 2/8/2014 (Sat Evening 6:30PM) is that correct ? Met you both outside Suncorp/Metway Bank while taking photos… Making Contact to follow work 🙂 …

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